How to install exp@ Navigator forms 
Click here to select the file (25.9 MB) and start the process of downloading. This may take some time depending on your downloading speed.
Selecting " Save" in the dialogue box
We suggest you set up the winzip file on your desktop. You need to unzip the file to your desktop before you can install it.See for a trial download of winzip.
Open the folder, select the Setup.Exe file and start the process of installation. Ignore any fault messages and click okay.
When the process is finished click ‘Start’ on your desktop and go to ‘Programs’
Double click the exp@ Navigator and make a link to your desktop for a quick launch.
How to use exp@ Navigator forms
Select the assistant you want to use. Enter the relevant information.
Select Save to save your information and proceed to the next entry field.
Create your file in MS Excel by selecting Export to MS Excel. Select a folder and a file name and save your file. An MS-Excel file will be automatically created and saved in the selected path.
To access you data you must open your file in MS Excel.
Select Exit to be redirected to the main menu screen of the application to choose another assistant.