Importing Goods to Shanghai :
Shipping your househod goods


Work Permit ChinaOfficially, China requires tourists to complete a baggage declaration form in duplicate upon entering the country and submit the duplicate upon departure - but in practice, no customs forms are offered, and baggage spot checks are rare. Travellers are asked to go through the `red channel’ when there is something to declare and the green channel otherwise.

There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency and Chinese Renminbi traveller’s checks that can be brought in; the unspent portion may be taken out. Gifts for relatives or friends in China, or articles carried on behalf of others, must be declared.
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If you are having some furniture shipped to Shanghai from your home country, you will have to pay some duty on the imports. It is essential that you have a detailed packing list of everything you are bringing in as this is how your shipping agent will calculate the duty payable to the government. See e-relocation Shanghai for more details.

If your company is organising your relocation, their shipping agent will take care of all this. If not, make sure you have a shipping agent who you trust. The import procedure is extremely complex, with up to 30 chops (official stamps) being required to get a container from a ship to your home. You must have a residence permit in order to import your personal belongings.


Prohibited Goods

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