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You have been offered a position or want to establish a business in Shanghai and plan to visit the country prior to your relocation. You are under enormous time pressure to organize the visit and finding reliable services is almost impossible without a thorough knowledge of what is available. The difference in time often makes it difficult to communicate with the people on the other end of the world. We help you organize and optimize the visit and/or your start to a new life on arrival in Shanghai.

No Fees for clients with budgets above USS 2,000 housing allowance


Our Services

Professional Expatriate Home Search, School Search, City Orientation, Relocation & Real Estate Consulting Services
Innovative, Professional, Caring, Ethical, High Quality
Service-driven not Profit-driven.
Delivering FREE services to your family that really make a difference to the quality, and stress levels, of your move to Shanghai ! 

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our mission

To provide our clients with the best relocation service available in China today, by utilization of cost-free innovative services and extensive professional materials and back-up dedicated to ensuring total satisfaction during School Search, City Orientation, Home-Search and Follow Up Services for both the occupant and their company.

To ensure that not only do they have a continued resource - but to do our utmost to help them make friends, communicate and enjoy living in this truly exciting, safe and exotic city.


We are expatriates like you and we speak your language. We have been through the process of relocating to Shanghai and we want to use our experience to your advantage. You will be taken care of by multi-lingual consultants and counselors.

No fees for clients with budgets above USS 2,000 housing allowance

Welcome Pack

Key Cards

Over 11 years experience - since 1995
Expatriate owned and managed
Multi-lingual consultants and counselors
Extensive dedicated residential property database
Only very experienced home-search consultants
Expatriate orientation counselors
Step-by-Step online relocation guide to Shanghai
Welcome Pack
1. Local English Language Magazines
2 .Introduction Brochure
3 .School Information
4 .School Information
5 . Golf & Sport location map
6. Local Maps
7.Local Maps
8 .Detailed Spreadsheet of Properties
9. Your customised Map
10. CD containing photos of property viewed
11. Expat Resource Book 1
12. Expat Resource Book 2
13. Shanghai Pictorial
14. Driver Communication Cards
Maid Communication Cards
15. Taxi Direction Instruction Cards
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free Home-search for housing allowances above US$ 2,000

Our research and consulting services, along with our long experience and extensive con- nections in the residential market, enable you to benefit immensely from our knowledge and enable us to constantly imp rive our products and delivery. We are sure any test of our services will prove this.

Shanghai's premier luxury orientation & relocation services

FREE Pre-Arrival Assistance via Personal Communication & Information Packages
FREE e-relocation Shanghai - a comprehensive online step-by-step relocation guide to Asia with numerous web site links and state of the art tools to organize relocation and manage your expatriate life.
FREE School Search – Downloadable Brochure, Appointments set up & Transportation services provided
FREE Expatriate Accompanied Orientation Tours (customised by client but usually include medical facilities & City over-iew)
FREE Full Home Search services (home search, contract preparation, on-going 24/7 service desk & assistance)
FREE Superb HTML or pdf property pre-view packages
FREE Full Immigration Processing Services


other free Services


We find a hotel or serviced apartment for you

Moving Services

We link you to a reliable international mover or a local mover to liaise with your mover at home.
School & Kindergarten We contact schools of your choice and book your visit to meet an admission officer. Visit the section on Education in Shanghai to select the schools you like to visit.

Health Consultation
and Examination

You have a medical problem and want to inquire about health services available in Shanghai or need a medical examination for immigration. We book an appointment with a doctor to talk you through your problems and/or provide a medical examination and/or vaccinations for immigration purposes.

Car and Driving

We can book a car for lease or a limousine service with a driver to take you aroundand also assist you in purchasing a car and finding a driver to employ.

Banking & Financial Services

We arrange for you to speak to a banker to open an account in Shanghai and connect you to a financial advisor.

Maid Services

We connect you to an excellent maid agency to assist you to select and employ a full-time or part-time maid. Note that it is illegal to hire a Filipina as a maid in China.

Legal Advise

You need advice on the legal requirement of setting up a business in Shanghai. We book an appointment with our legal partner.

Immigration Services

We process your & your family’s  visas, work permit and residence permits (fees may be involved)