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How to prepare for visiting friends and family

Prepare for your Visitors

With tales of Shanghai's resurgence in the media, it won't be long before you'll be deluged with visitors eager to see this new wonder of the world.

Nearly every expat will tell you horror stories about how they had their friends/family/friends of family to stay for three weeks and how it drove them around the bend. If you don't have lots of space - don't do it.

People will understand - and are sometimes happier - if you book them into a nearby hotel for some or all of their trip. Unless you know you can get along well for the duration of their stay, be cautious, you don't want to spoil a friendship.

To make everyone's visit smooth, gather the following

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Stock up on brochures and information from your nearest hotel, and buy the Perilous Map of Shanghai
Give them your set of `taxi cards' for getting around
Have your address written out in Chinese for them to carry around
Contact the Shanghai Historic House Association for tours of historic Shanghai (see below)
Show them how to get to the Portman / Shanghai Centre, an English-speaking oasis for a break or questions
Give them a short lecture on what's appropriate and not in a Shanghai context.
Offer them several websites for their pre-trip planning
Give them the latest cInform them about precautions regarding SARS opies of the English language listings magazines - That's, City Weekend, etc.

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