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Shopping and Collecting in Asia

Antiques Price Guide 2006
by Miller, Judith

This rather heavy volume gives expert advice on a wide range of collectibles, including porcelain, pottery, oriental ceramics, carved arts, furniture, glassware, silver and metalware, clocks, jewellery, textiles, toys, books and tribal art. More than 8000 antiques are found in this book. On each page, each antique is photographed and carefully captioned and a ball-park price is expressed in Great British Pound. This price is meant to inform buyers what they could expect to pay for a similar item.

Oriental Rugs: Complete Guide
by Eiland, Murray L., Jr. & Murray Eiland III

Murray Eiland's Oriental Rugs has long been recognized as the definitive source of knowledge on oriental rugs and carpets. This edition contains 330 colour plates and 15 colour relief maps as well as text that has been thoroughly revised following extensive first-hand reserach. Focusing on the 19th and 20 century weaving of the Middle and Far East, it begins with a brief history and continues on to a discussion of weaving techniques, dyes, and design.

Dictionary of Chinese Ceramics

by Wang Qingzheng

This major work by a Shanghai-based team of scholars led by Prof Wang Qingzheng is a landmark achievement and will be a major resource as well as a delight for serious collectors and students of Chinese ceramics as well as for the ordinary museum visitor. More than 1,000 color plates and black and white drawings together with maps, chronology and time charts complement the text. The 2000 plus entries are grouped as: Shapes and forms; Ceramics materials and manufacture; Kiln sites, factories, guilds and wares; Decoration methods, glazes and colors; Motifs; Marks and Inscriptions; Potters, books and studies of ceramics. Indexes are in English and in Pinyin together with listings of literature cited and locations of museums and institutions. A remarkable volume!

Chinese Ceramics: The New Standard Guide

by He Li

In over 700 color photographs specially taken for this book, a wide range of imperial and regional, decorative and practical, export and domestic, ceremonial and funerary wares are fully represented. These are organized into four chronologically arranged sections, from the Neolithic to the end of the Qing dynasty, each accompanied by a survey of the period and detailed descriptions of the pieces illustrated. The notes on the plates are furthur illustrated with photographs of the base marks, a vital aid in the identification process. An important reference section includes: a glossary of technical terms, complete with Chinese characters; a full bibliography; and lists of major public collections. First published in hardback in 1996, this is the 2006 reprint in paperback.

Power Dressing: Textiles for Rulers and Priests from the Chris Hall Collection

by Wong Hwei Lian & Szan Tan

This magnificently illustrated catalogue accompanies the ongoing Singapore Asian Civilisations Museum exhibition of costumes and textiles from the Chris Hall Collection. The annotated colour plates of 150 artefacts are introduced by essays written by specialists that cover: the history of silk in China; silk textiles as symbols of power and prestige; the preservation of textile objects. With translations of inscriptions, tabulated rank insignia of the Ming period, chronology of China's history, glossary of technical terms. Illustrated in colour, with bibliography and index of Chinese terms..

The Jewelry of Southeast Asia
by Richter, Anne

A major & comprehensive account of Southeast Asian jewelry, a tradition which stretches from Neolithic and Bronze Age art and religion to the present day of reflects influences from the ancient Mediterranean, Western Asia , India and China. More than 300 very diverse pieces drawn from museums and private sources -- and many hitherto unpublished -- are illustrated in full colour with explanations of their uses and cultural/symbolic significance. Referenced and indexed, with bibliography and 480 illustrations, 353 in colour, this new and detailed study will appeal to all jewelry lovers.

China's Dragon Robes
by Cammann, Schuyler

This is a reprint of art historian Schuyler Cammann's 1952 resource on the dragon robes of imperial China. This book is divided into two sections. The first section examines various aspects of the dragon robes - their history, the symbols used on them, how they are made and dyed, and the issues concerning the dating of dragon robes. The second section discusses related robes like unofficial dragon-figured robes, women's court robes and vests, men's Ch'ing court robes, robes worn by the Taiping rebels and dragon robes found in other lands. With black and white illustrations and a glossary in Wade-Giles and Chinese.

The Book of Batik
by Kerlogue, Fiona

This is the definitive study of Indonesian batik, a glorious textile art and famed cloth rich in symbolism, now in demand all over the world. With over 200 photographs, The Book of Batik explores the origins of batik, the materials and methods of production, regional traditions and differences, motifs and meanings, modern influences, batik as costume and as an art form. A list of international batik collections, bibliography, glossary, map of Indonesia's batik-producing centres and an extensive index compete this authoritative yet accessible work.

Islamic Arts (Reprinted 2005)
by Bloom, Jonathan; Sheila Blair

A comprehensive survey covering a thousand years of Islamic arts, from early Arabic script at the time of Muhammad to woven arts in the 19th century, this book highlights those characteristics that connect the various arts of the Islamic lands without minimizing the differences. The book is divided into three time periods - 600-900, 900-1500 and 1500-1800 - and each section analyses Islamic architecture, books, and applied arts. Written in a lively and accessible style, this book brilliantly captures the essence of Islamic culture and provides an essential introduction to the student and general reader.

Not Just a Good Food Guide: Shanghai

by Eagen, Angie; Justin Tulloch; Marybelle Hu

This pocketbook featuring popular local delicacies is designed for the traveller who is unfamiliar with the local language and cuisine. It includes many colour illustrations, background information on the local culinary traditions and eating habits, tips for the unwary, a glossary and phrase list, information on food ingredients and dishes, and general advice on restaurant styles as well as etiquette, including facilities for budget travellers. There is also useful information on the dining establishments listed, including location, opening hours and price levels. Some non-local restaurants are also included. Indexed.