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Searching for Shangri-La: Off the Beaten Track in Western China
by Brahm, Laurence J.

America-born lawyer and political economist had spent 20 years advising multinational corporations regarding their investments in China, until his passion for Tibet and the Middle Kingdom moved him to change career - now he works in heritage conservation and restoration in China and Tibet. In this book, Brahm travels through the western region of China in search of James Hilton's Shangri-La, only to find that it is not a place, but a state of mind. Brahm draws China's leading figures in pop culture and art circles to Western China, all in search of Shangri-La. Composer San Bao, dancer Yang Liping, pop singer Dadawa all appear in this book, together with artists, lamas, and living Buddhas.

Shambhala: The Road Less Travelled in Western Tibet
by Brahm, Laurence J.

In a shop in Lhasa, Laurence Brahm stumbles upon an ancient Buddhist sutra, Shambhala Sutra. His purchase of this ancient sutra sets him off on a journey in search of the mythical Shambhala, known to the rest of the world as "Shangri-La". In this illustrated account of his journey, Brahm uses the sutra as a guide as he ventures into some of the most remote places in Tibet. There he meets monks, living Buddhas, nomads, and a Bodhisattva in disguise, who point out to him how they thought the road to Shambhala should be followed. Finally, the road leads him to Tashilumbo Monastery, where the Eleventh Panchen Lama resides and it here that the Shambhala Sutra calls home.

Hiking Around Beijing

by Bennett, Seema; Nicky Mason

Three expats living in Beijing have compiled this practical guide to pleasurable, if often quite demanding, hill and mountain hikes which are within an hour or so's drive from Beijing. Each of the 20 walks suggested are set out with access details, a sketch map and account of any hazards on the track. With photographs and guidance on weather, clothing and safety

Shanghai Chic: Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Spas

by Koh, Barbara; Zoƫ Jaques

Shanghai, the 'Paris of the Orient', has become of one of the most fashionable cities in the world. In this very cosmopolitan corner of China, strikingly modern attractions compete with the allure of old China for the attention of the visitor. This book concerns itself with the city's most modern and "chic" attractions. More than 40 of the most glamorous and luxurious hotels, stylish restaurants and trendy galleries are featured. Each of the establishments is written up and photographed, and its address provided.

Zhangjiajie: Majestic Mountains of Hunan, China

by Sun Jian Hua

Zhangjiajie in China's Hunan Province is home to the Wuling Forest of Mountains. This enchanting natural paradise is filled with dramatic rock formations, clear rivers and ancient forests. In this pictorial, brief introductions to the chapters complement the photographs of awe-inspiring scenery.


Cool Restaurants Shanghai

by Yuan, Shirley

Shanghai, that most cosmopolitan of Chinese cities, is home to some of the smartest restaurants in China. 24 of the most renowned ones are featured in this book. For each restaurant, the address, contact details, and photographs of the interiors are provided. Recipes for fusion foods are also included. The introduction and recipes are in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Xi'an, Shaanxi and the Terracotta Army

by Mooney, Paul; Catherine Maudsley

This comprehensive guidebook includes practical information for the tourist or temporary resident and is distinguished by its scholarly guidance on the ancient and recent history of Shaanxi province, widely accepted as the cradle of Chinese civilisation. There are accounts of the area's religious significance, political role as wartime headquarters of Mao Zedong and of course of the nature of the Terracotta Warriors discovered in 1974. With many informative and scholarly insets, color photographs, literary extracts, maps, address lists and index.

Great Wall of China: Beijing & Northern China (the Bradt Travel Guide)

by Evans, Thammy

Billed as a "cultural guide", let this book be your guide to one of the world's most fascinating historical sites - the legendary Great Wall of China. Packed with information about history, culture, politics, sights, maps and advice along some of the best sections of the Wall, this book has all the visitor may need to make his visit to northern China memorable and comfortable.

Fried Eggs with Chopsticks: Around China by Any Means Possible
by Evans, Polly

In 2003 Polly Evans (b.1970) set off from Hong Kong to travel independently throughout China. She spoke virtually no Chinese and went by train, bus, plane, bicycle, mule, hitched rides and also trekked. In these sharply-written vignettes she tells of her experiences with gusto, and describes situations where she was confused and lonely, sometimes frightened or in danger, but always observant and resourceful. Her account gives a fresh and unusual perspective of a rapidly-changing country.

Faraway Faces: The Vanishing World of Southwest China

by Lam, Jimmy; Stephen Lee

Modern roads and industrial developments are bringing fundamental changes to the terrain and peoples of Southwest China, home to the Miao, Dong, Yi, Zhuang and other ethnically distinctive groups. The vivid, full-page photographs in this pictorial introduction to this part of China were taken over the last ten years. They show aspects of the traditional lifestyles of the different ethnic groups that are in danger of being dropped in favour of the modern lifestyle. With sketch map and suggested itineraries.